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Present Status and Analysis of C5 petroleum Resin In the World

Recently, petroleum resins for varnish developed and produced by Qilong Chemical were put into the market successfully.Now we are ready to supply our L-120 color 6# to varnish market on regular basis. It can be used for the production of alkyd varnish,high performance alkyd paint,alkyd enamel, etc.

The alkyd varnishes made from this resin have the features as follows: quick dry, high hardness, good polishing, good brightness, heat resistance, and the varnish can be used to paint on the surface of metal, wooden articles and for the bighting of alkyd enamel, etc.

This product is a complement of varnish purpose resins in China, also a perfect complement of Qilong resin series, which could extensively help the customers to lower the manufacture cost.

Applications and Characteristics: This product can be used for alkyd varnish, premier, enamel paint, aluminum paint, paint & coating, etc. It has good compatibility with alkyd resin (such as Linseed Oil,Soybean oil, Fatty acid, etc.)

Introduction of Varnish: Varnish is a kind of transparent coating that does not contain any color material, which has good gloss, quick filming with wide application. Its essential component is resin and solvent or resin, oil and solvent. After applying to the surface of any articles, it will form a protective, decorative film with special performance. The film is transparent and will show the original appearance of the metal or wooden articles after drying.