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C5/C9 Co-polymer Resins
QILONG® G series are aliphatic modified aromatic resins obtained from copolymerizing ofC5 and C9 fraction that derived from the by-product of thermal cracking of naphtha. They aregranular solid with the color of pale yellow.

Key Characteristics:

● Good Compatibility with Base Polymer such as, SBS, SBR,EVA etc.

● Good Compatibility with Natural Tackifier such as Terpene and Rosin.

● Good Heat Stability

● Light Color and Low Odour


Hot Melt Adhesives, Pressure Sensitive Adhesives,

Woodworking Adhesives, Packaging Adhesives,


LESTAC-A Series C5 Aliphatic Petroleum Resin for Adhesive
 Index  A90  A100  A110  Test Method
 Color No Ga (50% Toluene, Ga.#)  5# Max  5# Max  5# Max  ASTM D1544
 Softening Point (Ring&Ball, ℃)  90-95℃  95-105℃  105-115℃  ASTM E28
 Acid Value (mgKOH/g)  1.0 Max  1.0 Max  1.0 Max  ASTM D974
 Melt Viscosity (BRF @200℃CPS)  250 Max  250 Max  250 Max  ASTM D3236
 Specific Gravity (@25℃, g/cm3)  0.93-0.99  0.93-0.99  0.93-0.99  ASTM D71
 Heat Stability (@200℃, 3hr, Ga.#)  7# Max  7# Max  7# Max  ASTM D1544
 Technical Data Specification  ASTM D1544  ASTM D1544  ASTM D1544  TDS
 Technical Data Specification  ASTM D1544  ASTM D1544  ASTM D1544  TDS